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Terms of Service

By registering to the www.standingroomonly.tv , you are agreeing to the following:

    1. Show details including start times and audience requirements are controlled by the production company and are subject to change without notice. Please call the SRO Hotline at 323-645-4425 and listen to all of the details the evening before the show, and the morning of the show, in case there are any changes.
    2. SRO does not determine appropriate dress code. Each production company sets its own dress code requirements, which SRO does not control. The production company may turn you away if you do not satisfy their dress code requirement. Please check with the show you are applying for to determine the dress code. To maximize your chances of not being turned away, SRO recommends complying with the following dress code:
      1. No white clothing, stripes, polka-dots, elaborate patterned clothing, jeans, ripped jeans, denim or sneakers, and only bring a small bag or purse for security purposes and no open-toed shoes for safety purposes.
    1. Studios tend to be cold, so SRO recommends bringing a coordinated jacket or sweater for your comfort
    2. Allow time for parking and to locate the SRO coordinator to sign in.
    3. SRO does not and cannot guarantee you will be admitted to the show. Show admittance is controlled by the production company, not SRO. The production company has the right to refuse admittance to the show for any reason, including for inappropriate behavior. The production company may ask you to leave if you do not follow their rules and requirements. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the production company directly.
    4. Some shows may have special effects or strobe lights. If you are sensitive or think you may be sensitive to these types of effects, please do not apply for the shows.
    5. All studios are a smoke free environment. There will be no smoking of any kind on or near the production facility or you will be escorted off the lot by production security.
    6. Treat SRO staff, production staff and other audience members with respect.

For your comfort please bring a coordinated sweater or jacket as the studios tend to be cold.


According to SRO policy, each member can only have one SRO Profile with their legal First and Last name, their correct email/phone number and current personal photo. Multiple profiles is a violation of SRO policy, the duplicate profiles will be deactivated and the member may not be booked.  SRO reserves the right to suspend, deactivate or deleted any information on SRO website.